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Time Stood Still

I've used a digital camera for a few years now. It's an Epson PhotoPC600 - nothing fancy, not even a mega-pixel - and fully automatic. I've been more than happy with it for quick snaps, and it's stood up well over the years.

I kept getting the urge to do different things with it though, and when I started looking around, the features I wanted on a digital camera were out of my budget, so I opted for a film camera instead. I have to say, I'm very pleased with it. Canon EOS 300, with a 28-90 lens.

Consequently, youíll find two different sets of images here - digital and film.  The digital are sucked straight off the camera, obviously, but the film ones have been scanned from the negatives - so if thereís the occasional stray hair or speck of dust, thatís why.

Iím also experimenting with a new (to me) bit of software, to actually sort and serve the images.  Itís called ĎGalleryí - first impressions are that itís good, but that documentation on how to get it integrated with a pre-exising and non-php website is non-existant. This means itís been somewhat of a struggle to get it working at all, let alone laid out how I want it! With that in mind, donít assume what you see below is the finished format, or, indeed, that representative of the photos that will eventually be here.  Itís just a test set for the moment, till I have the structure and formatting worked out properly.

Enter the gallery

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