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About Velvet

Note: it doesnít say ĎAll About Velvetí just ĎAbout Velvetí. Therefore, youíll be disappointed if you were expecting to find every nuance of my life, personality, and my vital statistics on this page. Or even a photograph. 

Now weíve got that out the way, letís see. Varied hobbies, some Iíll do regularly, some I donít. Photography is one, as youíll guess from much of the content of the site.  Writing is another, and that might make it onto the site at some point in the future. Others include things as diverse as sailing, music (both playing and listening), art, creatures, gardening.

Bit of a contrast to my working life, which is technical, within the communications/IT sphere. A change might be on the cards with that, so if you think you might be interested in employing an engineer with experience in the router/switch/wan/lan/telco areas, get in touch - Skype me!

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I also enjoy listening to music. Quite a lot while Iím working, some days.  So now with the help of Last.FM and their wonderful widget, you can see what Iíve been listening to!

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