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Velvet's Webcam

Welcome to my webcam pages!  Theyíve undergone a bit of a change of late, with the discovery of somewhat more stable webcam software, which also allows more than one feed at a time. Having moved house, getting the webcams online and positioned where I want them is a slow process (holes still need to be drilled and cables run) - however, Webcams 1 & 2 are now cabled up, and while they look out over the same view, Webcam 2 has the advantage of Night-Vision.  Webcam 3 has recently been dusted off too - Iím sure youíll all be thrilled to know you can now watch me hard at work in my office at home.  Webcam 4 was online briefly but has thrown a hissy fit.  If anyone would like to donate webcams to me to replace that, or expand the coverage further, please get in touch via skype :)

They donít refresh, but youíll see options below each one to take you to pages that do, or the streaming feed, if you have plenty of bandwidth to burn! The lo-fi pages refresh at 30s intervals, but the actual period between uploads from the cam may alter. The hi-fi pages stream video from the cam to the browser using javascript.  Be aware that if youíre behind a firewall, you may not be able to view the stream, depending on which ports are blocked.

Webcam feed 1

Webcam 1 - Lo-Fi (ftp)

Webcam 1 - Hi-Fi (streaming)

Webcam feed 3

Webcam 3 - Lo-Fi (ftp)

Webcam 3 - Hi-Fi (streaming)

Webcam feed 2

Webcam 2 - Lo-Fi (ftp)

Webcam 2 - Hi-Fi (streaming)

Webcam feed 4

Webcam 4 - Lo-Fi (ftp)

Webcam 4 - Hi-Fi (streaming)

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