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Webcam 1 Hi-Fi

Having moved house, Iíve got a whole new set of windows to point cams out of.  This oneís looking out over the back garden at the moment, but this may change!  The webcam may not be on all the time (it crashes sometimes, and doesnít auto-restart) - but if itís working, you should see a live video-feed in the window below. Itís powered by a Creative PC-Cam 300 webcam.

It *is* fairly bandwidth intensive, so click the link to the left for a ĎLo-fií version - timed ftp upload.  If you only see a blank box, then the cam is offline, OR youíre behind a firewall that is blocking the ports needed for it to work - the timestamp on the lo-fi version will give you a clue which oneís the problem.

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