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Webcam 4 Hi-Fi

The webcam may not be on all the time (it crashes sometimes, and doesnít auto-restart) - but if itís working, you should see a live video-feed in the window below. This webcam is more temperamental (and a lot older) than the others, being a Creative USB Webcam3.  It has a cmos sensor, not a ccd like the PC-Cam 300 has, so the quality is a lot worse too.  Itís a bit more liable to roam than the others, so could be pointing at the parrots, fish, me, or if I manage to get some more usb-usb adapters, another window.

It *is* fairly bandwidth intensive, so click the link to the left for a ĎLo-fií version - timed ftp upload.  If you only see a blank box, then the cam is offline, OR youíre behind a firewall that is blocking the ports needed for it to work - the timestamp on the lo-fi version will give you a clue which oneís the problem.

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